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MASS MAILER SofTware, BULK MAILER SOFTWARE for Windows, Unix / Linux, Mac OS X

UniMailer is an ideal companion for announcing
new products and services to your customers
delivering and managing newsletters, or simply
staying in touch with family and friends.



  • Bulk Email
  • Announces mailer
  • Newsletters
  • Email campaign
  • Mailing list

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Version : 3.01
Build : 040915

puce Release information


puce End-user license agreement

Download Unimailer Email Marketing and test it for free for 15 days. This allows you to try Unimailer Email Marketing for free before you buy it. There are no restrictions and you don't have to register.


Please check the build version evolution due to major / minor bugs fixed

Installation instructions :

For Mac OS X


After downloading, use right click and choose "Open".


For Unix/Linux and Without Installer


You need at least a Java VM 6.x. You can download it from this page if you didn't have a Java VM.


For Running from the command line


Each package proposes you a direct runnable file. However you may wish to run unimailer from the command line. We have inserted four scripts inside the bin directory :


puce run.sh : Starting UniMailer for a unix/linux and mac os x platform.

puce run.bat : Starting UniMailer for a windows platform.


Uninstalling instructions :

The following procedure will remove UniMailer from your system. Be sure that all valuable data stored in the install folder is saved to another location.

  • puce On Windows use the appropriate uninstaller shortcut
  • puce On Mac OS X and Unix manually delete the installation folder and all its contents

For removing all the unimailer's preferences and data, please delete the directory YOUR_HOME_DIRECTORY/.unimailer

Download old versions :

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